Our Technology

Innovative and 100% Australian

SSS Transcriptions uses state-of-the-art voice recognition technology that was developed in-house to meet the demands of the public and private sectors.

All of our data is securely stored on Australian servers.

See what the difference is SSS Transcription technology can make to your business.

Timestamping and searchable audio

We are the only Australian transcription service to offer timestamping as a premium option, creating searchable files across multiple audio files simultaneously. Ideal for clients wishing to enhance their customer service, or who require the ability to search for keywords or phrases.

Detailed audio files

Once the audio file is downloaded, the software immediately identifies lulls in conversation or speech, allowing faster transcription. It also has the ability to analyse audio patterns to identify speaker emotion and intent.


We can transcribe any audio source from any system with up to verbatim level quality, dealing with all English accents and multiple speakers.

Easy procurement process

Simply tell us your requirements, upload your audio file, and we will provide an accurate transcript within the specified timeframe.

Customised solutions

Have a transcription request that’s not quite the norm? We can tailor our software to suit your requirements – just ask.